Devin Booker Unimpressed By Chris Paul's Perfect Game Because He's Believes in the Heat Check


Chris Paul was incredible on Thursday night, scoring 33 points on perfect 14-for-14 shooting, as the Phoenix Suns closed out their series against the New Orleans Pelicans. After the game Devin Booker brought some perspective to CP3's stat line.

Paul's face as he gets lightly roasted by a teammate following a perfect game is hilarious. Booker's quotes are also great. "I believe in the heat check," is something that absolutely belongs in the basketball lexicon. The fact that Kobe Bryant didn't think of this one is actually kind of shocking.

It is an evergreen explanation for any and every ill-advised shot taken during a game by someone who has made a few. You simply cannot question the shot selection of someone who believes in the heat check. It's why Booker says he'll never have a perfect game, but it's also why Booker has a 70-point game on his resume.

Whether you're into perfection or heat checks, you might want to get a backcourt that can do both. It's part of what makes Phoenix so dangerous.