Devils Coach Andrew Brunette's Golf Cart DUI Arrest Video Features Cop With Podcaster's Voice

New Jersey Devils v Florida Panthers
New Jersey Devils v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

New Jersey Devils associate coach Andrew Brunette was arrested and charged with DUI earlier this year. Brunette, driving a golf cart home from the bar around midnight, was pulled over by the Boward County Sheriff's Department, blocks from his home. The video has now surfaced and it is a doozy. Mostly because the officer involved has the voice that should be hosting a popular true crime podcast.

This is not the voice of a man you would expect to say, "You f-cking fight me and you’re going to f-cking regret it," but that's exactly what he says. Between that voice and the fact that a golf cart was involved instead of a car certainly makes this seem a lot less serious than it actually is.

Brunette left the Florida Panthers for his current assistant position with the Devils. There have not been any stories that I can find about how the team has handled this incident.