NFL Concussion Spotters Missed DeVante Parker's Obvious Head Injury

Stephen Douglas
New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

DeVante Parker suffered a concussion during the New England Patriots - Arizona Cardinals game on Monday night. Parker caught a pass for a first down during the first quarter and had trouble standing up. Offensive lineman Cole Strange had to help him steady himself as Troy Aikman described Parker as "a little banged up" and "wobbly," noting "someone upstairs" should be watching the situation. Someone was not.

Nelson Agholor tried to get the attention of officials as teams lined up to run another play. Thankfully, Kliff Kingsbury challenged Paker's catch and Parker was taken away by trainers. He was eventually downgraded to out (head).

The question is ... where the hell are the spotters? Parker was visibly stumbling. Players and broadcasters saw it. Who knows how long Parker would have been in if there hadn't been a challenge. This is not the first time that an obvious head injury has been missed since the NFL made a big deal about their concussion spotters earlier this season. Has anyone seen any proof they even exist?