Heroic Detroit Tigers Streaker Spotted Waiting Outside Jail

Finally a fan on the field with a second act.


Some dude at Wednesday night's Minnesota Twins-Detroit Tigers game ran out onto the field and ran around security like some sort of Benny Hill video, bringing into question just how physically fit security must be to do the job an an MLB game. That in and of itself is not a remarkable occurrence because when one combines a few $18 ballpark beers, youthful exuberance and the drive to go viral, stupid things tend to happen.

But what is pretty spectacular is that someone in the Metro Detroit area happened to be driving by a detention facility this morning and saw this fan of loud, colorful shirts waiting for a ride home. And had the presence of mind to yell STREEEEAKER while driving by. Citizen journalism, man.

This is like in Seinfeld when George Costanza was trying unsuccessfully to get fired by the New York Yankees and became a cult celebrity as bodysuit man. It's never worth it to spend the night in jail after invading a Major League Baseball game but in this one specific case, maybe it was.