3 Detroit Tigers Reportedly Fired for Drinking Beer in the Parking Lot

Kyle Koster
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There is no agreement for Major League Baseball to begin. It's possible, though not probable, that there won't be professional baseball until 2022. But team employees are still showing up to work and doing stuff. For instance, Detroit Tigers staffers made masks in a parking lot to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Then, they apparently hung out afterward and drank some beers. The offense was enough to earn them a termination, the Free Press' Anthony Fenech reports.

Illitch Holdings brands include Little Caesars, Blue Line Distribution, the Detroit Red Wings, Olympia Entertainment, the Detroit Tigers, and MotorCity Casino Hotel. Their decision-making surrounding the Tigers in particular has been under scrutiny over the past few years.

Without knowing all the particulars and reserving judgment, this certainly seems like a bad beat. If you can't enjoy a couple of cold ones after a hard day trying to better one's community, a crow-hopped throw from a baseball field, then what can you do anymore?

Even with no actual games, this franchise is having a bad year. You simply hate to see it.