Detroit Reporter Victor Williams Looks Extremely Cool While Skateboarding During Live Shot

Liam McKeone
Victor Williams looking sick
Victor Williams looking sick /

Victor Williams works for Local 4 WDIV News in Detroit. Yesterday, he was on-site at a new skate park that recently opened up in the city where free skateboarding lessons will be held. Williams saw his opportunity and took it, reporting live while skateboarding around the park and pulling off a few tricks while speaking.

It was exceptionally cool.

I mean, come on. We all dream of being this cool. Casually pulling off an ollie (maybe a kickflip?) without missing a beat. Smoothly dishing out the critical information while doing whatever that trick is called on the ramp. I sound lame as hell but I can't help it in the face of this. It is truly hard to imagine a reporter coming off more cool than Williams did when he gave his sign-off cruising by the camera.

Levels of awesomeness that every reporter should aspire to.