Detroit Lions Twitter Account Appeared to Take a Shot at GM Bob Quinn's Draft Record

Ryan Phillips
Bob Quinn, NFL Combine - Day 2
Bob Quinn, NFL Combine - Day 2 / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions' social media team may have some explaining to do. A tweet from the team's account Thursday evening appeared to criticize Lions general manager Bob Quinn's draft history. It was a "spooky season" themed post that included a list of recent Lions picks.

The tweet was quickly deleted and replaced:

Maybe they were trying to say their young players were "scary" or something, but it came across as the team admitting its draft history was was awful.

The Lions have not drafted well over the past few years under Quinn. They have produced starters and rotation players but other than Kenny Golladay, they haven't produced a Pro Bowler. Quinn also decided to hire Matt Patricia to be the team's head coach, so any criticism is fair at this point.