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Roundup: Desmond Tutu Died at 90; Lily Collins Shares Christmas Photo; Dallas Cowboys Clinch NFC East

Ryan Phillips
Lily Collins, Behind The Scenes Of The 15th Annual GO GALA
Lily Collins, Behind The Scenes Of The 15th Annual GO GALA / Emma McIntyre/GettyImages

Taliban dissolves Afghan election commissions ... Heavy snowfall pounded the Western U.S. ... Desmond Tutu died at 90 ... Holiday sales were up 8.5% this year ... Thousands of flights cancelled on Sunday ... Home insurance premiums are rising rapidly ... White-collar employee salaries are growing ... "Spider-Man: No Way Home" flew past $1 billion at global box office ... "Bridgerton" Season 2 arrives in March ... Lily Collins shared a Christmas photo ... Cowboys clinched the NFC East title ... Joe Burrow broke records on Sunday ... Antonio Brown called out the media over his suspension ... Bill Belichick didn't want to talk about his New Year's resolutions ... Chiefs beat Steelers to win eight straight game ... More bowl games cancelled for COVID-19 ...

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