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Derrick Rose Visibly Upset After Learning of Mitchell Robinson's Broken Foot During an Interview

Stephen Douglas
Derrick Rose was upset to hear about Mitchell Robinson.
Derrick Rose was upset to hear about Mitchell Robinson. /

Mitchell Robinson suffered a fractured foot during the New York Knicks, 102-96, win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday. Derrick Rose who just returned tonight after missing a month because of COVID-19 issues, learned about Robinson's injury during a live postgame interview on MSG. He was visibly upset.

Robinson fractured a bone in his hand on February 12th and just returned on March 21st. Who knows how long this will keep him out. We may never know how good a healthy Knicks team could have been this season.

If anyone can understand what it means to have horrible inury luck, it's Rose. He started his career by missing just six total games in his first three seasons and won the 2011 NBA MVP award. Then the injuries started. In the last decade he's played more than 51 games twice and has never been the player he was back then.