Derrick Jones Jr. Jumped Over Aaron Holiday on a Dunk

Stephen Douglas
Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat
Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Heat have the third best record in the Eastern Conference this season. In addition to being off to their best start since the LeBron James era, they're also pretty damn exciting. It's not the "Flying Death Machine," but with Derrick Jones Jr. the Heat have one of the most exciting dunkers in the NBA right now. Here he is jumping over a defender.

Again, it's not quite LeBron James jumping over John Lucas, but it still looks pretty crazy. That's 6'0" Aaron Holiday, ducking and thanking his lucky stars that this happened after the Holiday holiday dinner so he doesn't have to hear about this from his family.

As for Jones Jr., it's debatable whether dunking OVER Holiday was even his most high-flying dunk of the night. Here he is throwing down an alley-oop from Tyler Herro.

Man, these guys are fun.