Derrick Henry Gave Alexander Myres One of the Most Disrespectful Stiff-Arms Ever

Stephen Douglas
Derrick Henry
Derrick Henry / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Derrick Henry is a man among boys in the NFL, a league that is generally considered full of men. Henry added a new violent highlight to his reel in the Tennessee Titans' Week 15 game against the Detroit Lions. Commentators called it a stiff arm, but it was just a slap to the head of Alexander Myres.

Myres now finds his name on a long list of helpless defenders who made the mistake of trying to tackle Derrick Henry. Let this be a reminder that all Derrick Henry runs end, but they almost never end well for defenders. Fans of angry runs took notice.

Seriously, just ask him nicely and maybe he'll go out of bounds next