Derrick Henry Will Take Your Head Off With His Foot

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Queen's face meets Derrick Henry's foot.
Patrick Queen's face meets Derrick Henry's foot. /

Tackling Derrick Henry is a scary thought and there are a number of ways it can end horribly for a defender, but some of those guys get paid handsomely to attempt it. One of those people, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen, faced the pain in a completely new way today as Henry ripped Queen's helmet off on a tackle attempt. And he did it with his foot.

Queen was shaken up after Henry's cleats basically scrapped the entire front of his face. He left the game, but there doesn't appear to be any blood and he returned a few minutes later. Still, what a scary moment. It takes some power to rip off somebody's helmet and Queen's was strapped on tight. Henry meanwhile, barely broke stride.