Three Derrick Henry Trade Destinations

Liam McKeone
Derrick Henry
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New York Giants

Giants fans enjoyed a postseason win for the first time in over a decade thanks to the power of a strong run game that complements Daniel Jones in every way possible. The man largely responsible for that, Saquon Barkley, is likely to hit the open market and may price himself out of what New York can afford to keep him. If that happens, Brian Daboll would surely love to get Henry as a replacement. He is one of the few running backs who can be at the center of an offense like Barkley was last year, only better.

The Giants should have enough money to absorb his contract no matter what happens with Jones' contract negotiations. Henry would let them keep the same formula that drove them to the playoffs, and his expiring contract lets them easily plan for life afterwards. If Barkley does not re-sign with Big Blue they'd make a ton of sense for Henry.