Derek Watt Got Knocked Out Making a Tackle, But Was Able to Walk Off the Field

Stephen Douglas
Derek Watt
Derek Watt /

Derek Watt appeared to get knocked out on a special teams play during the Pittsburgh Steelers' Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Watt flew into the knee of Bengals' returner Alex Erickson and went down immediately. When he rolled over, his arms were stiff.

The good news is that Watt came to and was able to walk off the field with the help of teammates. He looked woozy and is being checked for a concussion.

Still, a scary moment for the entire Watt family. TJ Watt, the possible defensive player of the year, then had to go out on the field and play after watching his brother get hurt. TJ immediately made two tackles to help force a punt.