Derek Jeter Was at Rick's in Ann Arbor; Michigan Football Officially Back

Kyle Koster

University of Michigan students and alumni visiting Rick’s in Ann Arbor last night were delighted to discover Derek Jeter had decided to slum it with them. The future Hall of Famer used his considerable pull to score a booth. Anyone who has ever been to Rick’s knows how prime such real estate can be on a Friday night. Anyone who has been to Rick’s also knows the importance of having photo documentation of the visit. Really helps the traditional piecing together of events the following morning.

I guess what I’m saying is this: it’s a fun place but not necessarily a nice place. Jeter’s presence can only be explained by a case of Jim Harbaugh fever. If the Wolverines beat BYU today, maybe there’s a chance The Captain shows up at a Couzens Hall dorm party.

Let’s get weird, Ann Arbor.