Derek Jeter Went on the KayRod Cast and There's Much to Process

Kyle Koster

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox experienced the rare treat of being featured on Sunday Night Baseball, which now includes the KayRod Cast on ESPN2 with Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez. Derek Jeter hopped into the fray at one point, riding the mild buzz from The Captain.

It is not every day these two former teammates are in the same place at the same time. And every time they are, our nation's body language experts have a higher chance of being booked to read into every weight shift and hand placement because, after all these years, it's still a bit unclear how the two icons feel about each other.

During the visit, conversation veered as it often does to the 1997 Sports Illustrated cover that featured baseball's beefiest shortstops in all their bare-chested glory. Against Jeter's wishes. But he was fine with it as long as they didn't plaster the photo on the screen. Once a producer did that, the threats about never returning began.

On a more important note, it sounds like Rodriguez and Jeter have patched things up. To the point where they are embodying two hosts who have been presenting the third hour of the Today Show for a decade.

Here's my ruling on this. No one is allowed to be annoying by a shirtless picture of themselves in which they look really good. Sorry you all have perfect pecs but some of us have real problems over here.