Did the Person Who Didn't Vote for Derek Jeter Do It Accidentally?

Kyle Koster
Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The identity of the Hall of Fame voter who did not vote for Derek Jeter has been a mystery since his near-unanimous selection last month. A curious nation waited with bated breath to here the reasoning behind this unusual choice. Most believed it would be laid out in detail in an article destined to get boffo clicks.

That column never came. And it's possible we may never know who left Jeter off the ballot. Voters are not required to release their ballot publicly, though most do. Nearly 80 percent did so and those were released today. The Jeets-free submission was not among them.

So we know who it is not. Now what? Where do we go from here? Not knowing is the hardest part.

Absent of an explanation, theories abound.

Here's one, which I'm allowed to posit because the real reason remains buried.

The person did it on accident, didn't realize they'd made a mistake, and are now caught up in a secret they can only hope to keep forever. Do I have any proof for this? Of course not. But let's consider how improbable it is for a person to pull a stunt like this and not try to reap the rewards?

Not all that likely in the year 2020.

So I'm choosing this reality. A baseball writer intended to vote for Jeter but screwed it up through a serious of Mr. Bean-like mishaps.

You either die a hero or live long enough to be revealed as being bad at paperwork.