Derek Carr's Monday Night Football Postgame Interview Was Great

Stephen Douglas
Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders
Baltimore Ravens v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders beat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime, 33-27, in what was one of the most unique Monday Night Football games ever. The Raiders scored 23 points between the 4th quarter and overtime. After the game Raiders quarterback Derek Carr gave an incredibly informative and honest interview to Lisa Salters.

He mentioned the ups and downs of his career. He said he always believed in the the Raiders defense. He shared that Jon Gruden had told him that game-winning play would be there at some point. And he heaped praise on Zay Jones, who scored the game-winning touchdown.

Carr is pretty intense, with the mannerisms of a coach or motivational speaker. He remained intense as he left the field.

Carr and the Raiders will face their next test in Pittsburgh this Sunday.