Denver Broncos, Super Bowl-Bound, Obviously.

By Jason McIntyre

The Denver Broncos are the NFL storyline at the quarter mark of the 2013 season. Not the destitute 0-4 Giants or the red zone-challenged 1-3 Falcons and certainly not the imploding 0-4 Buccaneers.

Four wins, no losses. The Broncos have scored 179 points already, or 50 more than any other team; 70 more than any other AFC team. Peyton Manning has been otherworldly – 16 touchdowns and zero interceptions – and is poised to obliterate all those gaudy records Tom Brady posted in 2007 when the Patriots peeled off a 16-0 regular season.

Mercury Morris and members of the ’72 Dolphins will probably start fielding calls this week from anxious media members.