Dennis Rodman: Madonna Offered $20 Million To Get Her Pregnant

Stephen Douglas
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Dennis Rodman is having a resurgence in the wake of The Worm's 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN. Today he appeared on The Breakfast Club and shared a story about his infamous relationship with Madonna in the 90's. It's shocking for a couple reasons. First, Rodman claims he was a bigger star than both Madonna and Michael Jordan at one point. He also revealed that Madonna had promised him $20 million if she had his baby.

Rodman has previously shared the story of Madonna calling him to tell him that she was ovulating. Until now, we didn't know that Rodman getting on that plane might have been as much a business decision as a simple cross-country flight to answer a booty call.

Madonna went on to have multiple children with other people. Meanwhile, Dennis Rodman's net worth certainly suffered without that monster payday. According to Basketball Reference, Rodman made just under $27 million in the NBA.

Failing to get Madonna pregnant apparently wasn't the only payday Rodman missed out on in the 90's. According to writer Roy Firestone, Rodman turned down the role of Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire.

Rodman started appearing on-screen in various small roles in 1995. In '96 he was on two episodes of 3rd Rock From the Sun and his first starring role in a motion picture came alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme in 1997. Imagine the world we'd be living in if Rodman had chosen the Oscar-nominated role alongside Tom Cruise instead.