Denmark's Euro 2020 Run is the Best Story in Sports

Czech Republic v Denmark - UEFA Euro 2020: Quarter-final
Czech Republic v Denmark - UEFA Euro 2020: Quarter-final / Tolga Bozoglu - Pool/Getty Images

Denmark defeated the Czech Republic today by the score of 2-1 to advance to the semifinals of Euro 2020. It was a close match, but not that close. The Danish were clearly in control throughout and had two gorgeous goals to pull ahead in the early going, playing calmly and carefully for the final 60 or so minutes of the match to advance further into the elimination rounds.

It's remarkable, truly. Nobody would have blamed Denmark for struggling to get any momentum going after midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed suddenly on the field during the opening match of the team's group stage for the Euro Cup. It was a terrifying moment. Thankfully, Eriksen recovered and the latest reports say Eriksen was spotted in public for the first time after leaving the hospital.

He must be ecstatic watching his teammates rally and put together an amazing run thus far in Europe's biggest soccer tournament. They lost the first two matches of the group stage but have been on a tear since, handily beating Russia to squeak into the elimination rounds before destroying Wales in the Round of 16 to earn a place in today's match against the Czechs.

Denmark is just rolling right now, and it's awesome to see. They're the best story in sports right now (sorry, Chris Paul) and it's been a privilege to watch them play during the Euros. Hopefully their run continues and the world can get behind the most remarkable storyline we've seen in international soccer in quite some time.