DeMarcus Ware Completes 66-Inch Box Jump, Let's Make This an Olympic Sport


Myles Garrett is, by any metric, an athletic freak. One can see that by looking at him and he proves the point over and over with various feats of strength and quickness. One of his latest tricks was busting out a 64-inch box jump, which he performed with the help of legs made of rocket boosters.

Not to be outdone, DeMarcus Ware, who retired in 2017, eclipsed the mark by two inches. Which is pretty impressive for a 38-year-old.

Now, it shouldn't escape your attention that Ware took a bit of a running start. Which helps a lot, if you have cracked a physics textbook. But I'd like it on record, as someone who will be 38 soon, that we should not diminish the athletic accomplishments of people rapidly approaching 40. Life's too hard as it is.

More importantly, it is long past time to make box-jumping an Olympic sport. Can you imagine how much fun this would be to watch — whether they were failing or succeeding. How hasn't this happened yet? What a no-brainer.