DeMarco Murray Reportedly Told Jeffrey Lurie He Had No Confidence in Chip Kelly as a Coach

By Jason Lisk

Three weeks ago, it was reported by Ed Werder that DeMarco Murray whined about his role in the offense to owner Jeffrey Lurie. Ian Rapoport is now saying, in the wake of Kelly being “released” from his job with the Eagles,” that Murray told Lurie that he had no confidence in Chip Kelly as a coach.

This is a fascinating case of the conflicting duality of Chip Kelly the head coach and Chip Kelly the GM. It is Chip the GM, who made or was behind several personnel decisions, who is the main culprit for his demise. It was Chip in the GM role who decided to pay big money to DeMarco Murray after he traded LeSean McCoy. It was the coach, though, who then realized his error as Murray wasn’t providing value and the production at the position was better with others playing. Murray had 7 carries over the last two weeks combined, once Ryan Mathews came back.

Even before Thanksgiving, Adam Schefter had said that the organization and Kelly were sick of each other.  Was the “released” language indicative that Kelly was waiving his contractual money owed, in exchange for getting out now and jumping on another opportunity? If not, he is owed a nice chunk of change and will be able to take his time taking the next position.