Deion Sanders Says He's a Monument, Not a Moment

Colorado State v Colorado
Colorado State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Deion Sanders has set the college football world on fire in a few short years as a head coach. Now he has taken his unique brand an uber-charismatic personality to Colorado, where he's turned the Buffaloes into a formidable team. On Wednesday, Taylor Rooks published an interview with "Coach Prime" where he said a few incredible things. But we have a favorite.

Here's what Sanders told Rooks when she asked about people claiming everything happening at Colorado is "a moment":

It's really funny to see Sanders be impressed with his own genius. That was certainly something. Also, not sure that's how moments and monuments work, but hey, it sounded good.

Sanders has Colorado 3-0 with wins over TCU, Nebraska and Colorado State. He has also proven to be a ratings monster. The 19th-ranked Buffs face their biggest test yet this weekend as they travel to Eugene to take on No. 10 Oregon. It will be the biggest test of the Sanders Era, and they'll follow that up by hosting Caleb Williams and USC next weekend.

We'll learn a lot about Sanders' program over the next two weeks. Is it a moment or a monument? I truly have no idea because I'm not sure what that even means.