How Far Will This Deion Sanders-Florida State Thing Go?

Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Deion Sanders went 4-3 in his first year at Jackson State. He is also Prime Time and the possessor of a one-of-a-kind personality. Always entertaining, he has the proclivity to delight and irritate. This leads to a wide berth for takes about his ability to coach at college football's highest level. Florida State, it would seem, is the most intriguing eventual landing place for his management experiment and chatter is not new.

The Seminoles 0-2 start portends yet another lost year in Tallahassee so those murmurs are growing a bit louder among those convinced he could do the job, even if the skeptical remain.

Rich Eisen broached the subject on his show today, wondering if such a call will ever be placed. He also provided some first-person background on Sanders to combat one of the narratives common among the detractors: that an outsized ego would minimize the potential.

It's food for thought. As Eisen says, he clearly has fondness for his longtime colleague, but that's also provided him with a deeper perspective of what makes Sanders tick. And the quality of the attributes needed to handle a huge job that would come with intense scrutiny and pressure.