Defector Writers, Editor-in-Chief, Columnists, And More


Defector is the new website launched by former Deadspin writers. After Deadspin was purchased by a venture capital firm and attempted to change the site's editorial strategy, a mass exodus occurred of everybody who made Deadspin what it was. This is the result. Their tagline is, "This is Defector, a new sports blog and media company. We made this place together, we own it together, we run it together. Without access, without favor, without discretion, and without interference."

Familiar names like Drew Magary and Barry Petchesky appear on the bylines, and the subject matter should be what's expected if you're a former Deadspin fan. Sports in plenty, yes, but also inside scoops on the industry and whatever the hell else these guys want to write about. Here's the full list of writers and staff members.

Defector Deadspin

Defector Writers Deadspin

Editor-in-Chief: Tom Ley

Deputy Editor: Barry Petchesky

Investigations Editor: Diana Moskovitz

Managing Editor: Samar Kalaf

Senior Editor: Billy Haisley

Defector Staff Writers

Maitreyi Anantharaman

Albert Burneko

Dave McKenna

Kelsey McKinney

Giri Nathan

Luis Paez-Pumar

Ray Ratto

Patrick Redford

Chris Thompson


Drew Magary Defector

Columnist: Drew Magary

Contributing Editor: David Roth

Engagement Editor: Lauren Theisen

Video & Multimedia Editor: Dan McQuade

VP of Revenue and Operations: Jasper Wang