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Dear NBA, Please Stop Officials From Calling Technical Fouls on Dunk Celebrations

Stephen Douglas
Jaxson Hayes informs Reggie Jackson he just dunked on his head.
Jaxson Hayes informs Reggie Jackson he just dunked on his head. /

The New Orleans Pelicans blew out the Los Angeles Clippers, 135-115. Zion Williamson scored 27 points on 13-of-16 shooting, but the dunk of the game went to teammate Jaxson Hayes, who destroyed poor Reggie Jackson. Hayes then celebrated by patting the top of his head, the now universal sign for, "I just put it on your head."

Of course, because NBA referees can't let anyone have anything nice, Hayes got an immediate technical foul. This is just the latest example of referees overreacting to players reacting this season. However, the quick whistle meant to protect the feelings of a dunk victim is not something new. This has been going on since the days of Jordan's Bulls, as you can see in this compilation.

Now, Scottie Pippen on Patrick Ewing was definitely technical-worthy, but a lot of these left players laughing and coaches, teammates, and announcers saying some form of come on, you cannot be serious right now.

Officials seem to be extra touchy this year, handing out bad techs. The NBA should really step in and suggest they let guys play unless something actually escalates. Jaxson Hayes patting the top of his head wasn't going to start anything. Teammates were too busy checking to make sure Jackson was still alive while attempting to pretend they weren't trying to get a glimpse of the replay on the jumbotron. Let them play.