DeAndre Hopkins Trolls Texans During Thanksgiving Game

Brian Giuffra
DeAndre Hopkins.
DeAndre Hopkins. / Norm Hall/Getty Images

DeAndre Hopkins does not appear to be over the end of his tenure with the Houston Texans. As his former team was playing the Lions on Thanksgiving, Hopkins tweeted out what he was thankful for and he didn't forget to throw in a little troll at the Texans' expense.

This tweet was sent with tongue firmly in cheek. Hopkins is thankful someone was willing to trade a second-round pick for him? Hell, everyone currently in the league would give at least a late first-rounder for him. Bill O'Brien isn't in the league anymore after getting fired by the Texans for making boneheaded decisions like trading Hopkins for a second-rounder and David Johnson, so he doesn't count.

Hopkins hasn't shied away from shading the Texans this season after how things ended between them and even on Thanksgiving he fired a shot. He tried to veil it as something he's thankful for, but the reality is he's still clearly bitter.