DeAndre Hopkins Outjumps Three Defenders To Catch Game-Winning Hail Mary Pass

Ryan Phillips
DeAndre Hopkins catches hailmary from Kyler Murray
DeAndre Hopkins catches hailmary from Kyler Murray /

DeAndre Hopkins is unreal. With 11 second left in the Arizona Cardinals' showdown against the Buffalo Bills, Kyler Murray and Hopkins hooked up for an incredible Hail Mary touchdown pass to win the game.

Arizona trailed the Bills 30-26 and had first and 10 from Buffalo's 43-yard line with maybe two plays left. Murray snapped the ball, scrambled around, then fired a jump ball in Hopkins' direction. The All-Pro receiver somehow outjumped three defenders and secured the catch against all odds.

Check it out:

That's incredible. Simply incredible. It's just not something you ever see. He was cloaked in defenders and somehow pulled the ball away from them and held onto the ball all the way to the ground.

Here's where I remind you that Hopkins is arguably the best receiver in the NFL and the Houston Texans traded him to Arizona for David Johnson and a second round pick. Yep, they couldn't even secure a first-round pick in exchange for Hopkins. It was a mind-boggling trade then and it's even even crazier now.