DeAndre Hopkins Had a Funny Quote About Wrestling Body Slam

Brian Giuffra

DeAndre Hopkins has a future in the WWE if he wants one, that’s for sure.

Not only has he mastered the over-the-shoulder bodyslam, but he’s also got the humorous element to back it up.

After doing this to Marcus Williams after a Texans interception…

…Hopkins had this to say about getting flagged for it.

In fairness, he’s got a point. Should he have let go of Williams after lifting him in the air and dropping him backward? Wouldn’t that put Williams at risk?

These are bang-bang situations, and there’s no way he could have adjusted what he was doing in that nanosecond to avoid the powerful slam he was inflicting on his competitor. And yet, it was eye-opening.

Hopkins, we all know, can catch a football, but we didn’t know he had the wrestling ability of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now we do and it’s safe to assume the WWE will be calling for a special guest appearance by Hopkins in the near future. With a signature move like that, how could they not?