Dean Spanos Was Booed at Pro-Chargers Event in Mexico City

Ryan Phillips
Dean Spanos
Dean Spanos / Harry How/Getty Images

Dean Spanos can't win, even at an event packed with Chargers fans.

The Bolts are in Mexico City to face the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. At an event for Chargers fans Sunday night, Spanos took the stage to say a few words because he obviously has zero self-awareness. The Chargers' owner was booed mercilessly.

Check it out:

Remember, this was an event for current Chargers fans, not some gathering of people from San Diego who hate him. Even among the people who are still fans of the team he can't win. He's so reviled he can't even go in front of a pro-Chargers crowd an get love from fans.

Spanos has done this to himself. Three years after his ripping his team from San Diego, it's still hilarious to watch him fail on such a massive scale.