Former Deadspin Staffers are Launching Temporary Sports Blog for Super Bowl LIV

Ryan Phillips
Deadspin /

Several former Deadspin staffers are reportedly set to reunite to write about Super Bowl LIV this weekend. A website titled, Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Dot Com will host their work.

While Deadspin remains dormant, a number of the site's former prominent writers will be banding together to produce content on the new site. Former features editor Tom Ley claims the site will run from January 31 through February 2, then vanish. Ley, Barry Petchesky, David Roth and Drew Magary will all write for the site.

Dashlane, a password-managment tech company, will host the site. An add on the site claims Dashlane wants the Internet "to be good again." And, "Dashlane is proud to sponsor Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog Dot Com, because we're tired of big companies ruining good websites."

I'd expect most of the weekend to be a not-so-subtle "f-you" to the group's former bosses at G/O Media. Deadspin's staffers famously walked off the job thanks to meddling and overreach from the clueless managers G/O put in charge of the site.

It should be a fun weekend for former Deadspin fans to see some of their favorite writers reunited and working together.