G/O Media Boss Writes Letter to Deadspin Union Expressing Intent to Relaunch Site in Chicago

Ryan Glasspiegel

The entire staff of Deadspin walked away from the site in late October, and there have been no stories published there since November 4th. The writers and editors there were, to put it lightly, unable to come to a working arrangement with G/O Media (the remnants of Gawker Media that were sold to Univision and later the private equity firm Great Hill Partners) under boss Jim Spanfeller. The anvil that broke the camel's back was a stick-to-sports edict and subsequent firing of interim Deadspin editor-in-chief Barry Petchesky.

Today, Spanfeller sent a letter to the union, saying that the company intends to relaunch the site under the Onion's corporate structure in Chicago. Ben Mullin of the Wall Street Journal reports:

If you open up Mullin's tweet, you will have an easier time reading the whole letter than doing so on this platform.

While the letter noted that former Deadspin staffers were able to resume their jobs there -- a highly unlikely proposition from their end given everything that's transpired, let alone having to relocate cities -- it also said that it was suspending negotiations with the union over the site's editorial independence.

We shall see whether G/O is able to attract the requisite talent to eventually relaunch the site, and, if so, what the site would look like from there.