Daxter Miles Jr Hid in a Handicapped Bathroom Stall to Avoid the Media After Kentucky Loss

By Jason McIntyre

Daxter Miles Jr., the West Virginia freshman who opened his big mouth and said his Mountaineers would beat Kentucky in the Sweet 16, hid in a handicapped bathroom stall to avoid the media after his team was obliterated, 78-39.

Tuesday, Miles gave Kentucky “props” but said after playing West Virginia, the Wildcats would be 36-1.

Didn’t quite happen. Kentucky jumped to an 18-2 lead and was never remotely threatened. West Virginia finished with as many turnovers (13) as baskets made.

After the game, with the media eager to hear from Miles – he played 19 minutes, was 0-for-3 shooting and had no assists – the guard hid in a bathroom stall.

From CBS Sports:

Tucked around a corner, in the team’s bathroom, Miles Jr. was waiting out the mob. When a media member approached one of his teammates for an interview in the small hallway leading to the bathroom, Miles Jr. then dipped into the handicap lavatory and closed the door behind him, his frizzy hair peeking above the tall stall.

WVU assistant Erik Martin sauntered over and said a few quiet words to Miles Jr. His head deliberately shook at the freshman. After Martin stepped away, Miles Jr. came out of the bathroom a few seconds later

Miles finally met the media and proceeded to repeat, “Kentucky played great” to every query, and the press eventually backed off. The kid’s a freshman, and we all made colossal mistakes when we were 18 and 19-years old, but fortunately they weren’t magnified to this level.

Live and learn.

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