David Spade Shocked Zendaya Lost Best Kiss at MTV Movie Awards to 'Jackass'

2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards – Show
2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards – Show / Rich Polk/GettyImages

The 31st MTV Movie & TV Awards were broadcast last night. David Spade and Sarah Shahi presented the award for Best Kiss which was won by "Poopies and the snake" from Jackass Forever. As the camera cut away from the presenters David Spade could be heard saying, "They beat Zendaya?" on a hot mic.

Is David Spade a huge Zendaya fan? Probably. Did he also have to know the Jackass guy and the snake would win? Probably. Unless he thought the giant snake backstage was there for another bit.

Just another unforgettable moment at an MTV awards show. Talk about a Hollywood minute.