Brendan Haywood Begged TNT Not to Replay David Singleton's Ankle Injury, But They Did Anyway

Stephen Douglas
Northwestern v UCLA
Northwestern v UCLA / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

David Singleton went down with an ankle injury late in UCLA's win over Northwestern in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday night. As Singleton was on the ground Turner analyst Brendan Haywood begged and pleaded with the production crew not to show a replay. The broadcast immediately showed a replay.

Luckily, the replay just showed what is probably one of those super painful looking sprained ankles. While Singleton needed help walking off the court, he was back on the bench in time to go through the handshake line on his own.

So it really was one of those super painful looking sprained ankles. If you've ever experienced this injury, you immediately think you broke your ankle, then you regain the ability to walk, then you wake up the next morning and can't.

Basically, he'll be very uncomfortable this week, but will probably be able to play in the Sweet 16 if the UCLA training staff has anything to say about it. Either way, it's not fun to look at in slow motion.