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David Montgomery's Attempt to Express Appreciation For City of Chicago Backfires

Liam McKeone
David Montgomery
David Montgomery / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

David Montgomery was having a quiet Wednesday afternoon, presumably enjoying his downtime while the Chicago Bears are in full offseason mode. He has earned such downtime as it was his stellar play down the stretch of the 2020 season that drove his team to a playoff berth, even if they were unable to make it past the New Orleans Saints during Wild Card Weekend.

Montgomery's quiet afternoon suddenly became very busy when he attempted to show his appreciation for the city of Chicago by tweeting out how fun it has been to play there. This caused an uproar as Bears fans read into the particular tenses Montgomery used in the tweet and assumed the worst, believing he had been traded by general manager Ryan Pace.

It turns out that was not the case. Montgomery just likes Chicago, man. He wanted to say so. Here's the original tweet, followed by Montgomery's clarification.

Such is the world we live in. Professional athletes must be sure to use proper tense when posting on the Internet in case they accidentally start a rumor wildfire they can't put out. Things progressed so far in the 20 minutes after the tweet was up that insider Ian Rapoport checked in on his status.

The guy just loves Chicago! Nothing to see here!