David Lloyd Posts Eerie Photo of ESPN's Empty Parking

Brian Giuffra
ESPN. / Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Like the rest of the country, ESPN is practicing social distancing. Its hosts are reporting remotely from their homes and its main campus in Bristol is basically a ghost town at this point. For a better understanding of what that looks like, check out this photo from longtime SportsCenter anchor David Lloyd.

Lloyd has been with ESPN since 1997. I doubt he's ever seen the parking lot that barren.

Of course, this is the new norm. All large companies have had to shut down HQ to protect their employees. Gatherings of more than 10 people is banned in Connecticut so of course ESPN's parking lot is empty. But seeing is believing and this photo certainly brings it home from an ESPN standpoint.

It does have to be pretty odd to see this for the thousands of people who work on ESPN's Bristol campus every day -- or at least, every normal day in the past. The campus is situated on 123 acres and has 19 buildings. All of that lays dormant at this point, however, and as Lloyd's photo shows, all that's left is an empty parking lot reminding us all how much life has changed in one month.