David Johnson Injures Wrist, Arm 'Hanging', Returns to Game [UPDATE]

Bobby Burack

UPDATE: After injuring his wrist, David Johnson has returned to the game for the Cardinals, which is good news because initial reports didn’t paint the best picture.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Cardinals running back David Johnson injured his wrist in the first quarter against the Ravens. Johnson was notably in pain when he jogged to the sideline after the play concluded.

Johnson’s return to the game is questionable.

While there is no more information available as of now, this injury has a chance to be problematic. This is the same wrist Johnson injured in 2017 that kept him out nearly all of the season. Johnson was able to come back the following season after having his season cut short with that dislocated wrist.

*We will update if and when more information becomes available. 

UPDATE: Johnson is back in uniform on the sidelines.