David Corn Breaks Cal Ripken Jr.-Esque Tie Streak No One Knew Or Cared About

Kyle Koster

It takes a special effort to cut through the deafening dissonant noise that's been cranked up to 11.38 these past 72 hours but David Corn has managed to author a god-level post. Corn, who serves as Mother Jones' D.C. bureau chief and moonlights as a particularly conspiratorial guest on MSNBC, used his phone to capture himself from the neck down. In a very meaningful way. Well, meaningful to him and pretty much only him.

Almost no one noticed. Believe that, my dude.

There are so many productive ways to spend today of all days. Combing through Corn's public appearances over the past four years is not one of them. And yet, that's what I'll be doing.

As always, none of this is good for any of our brains but tremendous for content.