David Carr: Raiders Captains Support Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock on Antonio Brown Decision

Ryan Phillips

David Carr has as fairly famous brother on the Oakland Raiders, so when he reports news coming out of Oakland, you can probably trust it. On Thursday night he dropped a bombshell in the Antonio Brown/Raiders saga.

On NFL Total Access, Carr said the Raiders captains had gone to head coach Jon Gruden and told them they support whatever decision he and Mike Mayock make about Brown’s future. Carr says the incident between Mayock and Brown was so bad, the players are apparently fine with whatever happens to brown. That news is clearly coming from quarterback Derek Carr.

Here’s the segment:

Carr explained that the players would love to have Brown back, but they didn’t go to bat for him and beg the coach to keep him. That’s telling.

Brown will almost certainly miss Monday night’s game against the Denver Broncos but after that we have no idea what’s going to happen. We probably won’t know his long-term status with the franchise until sometime next week, but it’s clear his Raiders teammates are sticking with their head coach and general manager.