David Bell Gets Ejected, Absolutely Loses His Mind

He certainly wasn't happy.


The Cincinnati Reds have lost their first three games since the All-Star Break and that caps a stretch where they lost five of six, all to the Milwaukee Brewers. Frustration has been bubbling in Cincy and it boiled over on Sunday as manager David Bell got ejected arguing balls and strikes. Then he exploded.

With the Reds leading 1-0 in the bottom of the second inning, Spencer Steer struck out looking at a pitch on the inner-half of the plate. Bell couldn't believe the call and rushed from the dugout to argue with home plate umpire Edwin Jimenez. He was immediately thrown out. That's when he decided to get his money's worth for the ejection.

Check it out:

Bell was calm as he came out initially, then began indicating that Jimenez's strike zone was far too wide. Then he drew the size of the zone around the plate and Jimenez turned and walked away while crew chief Brian O'Nora tried to separate the two. Then Bell just got crazier.

I love a passionate MLB manager ejection. It's fun to watch a grown man lose it over a game. It really is. Bell tends to have blowups during his ejections so this is nothing new for him.

The Brewers won the game 4-3