David Baker: Five Things to Know About the Pro Football Hall of Fame President


Football is finally back, everyone! Kind of, anyway. The regular season is still a month away, but on Thursday, the Falcons and the Broncos will face off in the NFL’s yearly Hall of Fame game that signifies the return of pro football in some way, shape or form.

The festivities will be held by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the man at the helm, C. David Baker. Here are five things to know about the Pro Football Hall of Fame President and CEO.

He has been President since 2014

Baker was announced as president of the Hall of Fame in Canton back in 2014. He had spent the five previous years as a managing partner for an integrated healthcare village in Nevada.

Baker is a former Arena Football League Commissioner

This isn’t Baker’s first time around in a position with some power. He was the Arena Football League’s commissioner for 11 and a half years, from 1996 to 2008.

Baker used to own an Arena Football team

Before becoming the head of the whole league, Baker started off as an owner. He purchased the Anaheim Piranhas, and became commissioner after one year as owner.

Baker was a former power forward at UC Irvine

Unlike most players involved in pro football offices, Baker never played football. He played as a power forward at UC Irvine before playing pro basketball overseas for two years. He’s also apparently very large, standing at 6’9″ and a tidy 400 pounds.

He’s a March of Dimes Sports Leadership Award Recipient

Baker received the distinguished March of Dimes Sports Leadership Award in 2017. In his first three years at the helm of the Hall of Fame, the organization’s assets increased in value by 16 percent, and he’s played a huge role in helping expand the Hall of Fame village development around the Hall itself.