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VIDEO: Dave Portnoy Anti-Union Tweet Read in Congress

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It kind of feels like it's been longer than 1.5 months since Dave Portnoy and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were feuding over his derivative reaction to The Ringer staff unionization. In any event, Portnoy's tweet that he would fire anyone who direct messaged a science writer offering the Barstool workers help with unionization was actually read in Congress today by California representative Josh Harder:

At the time this controversy was originally swirling, Portnoy maintained on Barstool Radio that this was all a satirical bit. His employees joked that they wished they had pay and benefits that were competitive in the industry, ample vacation time, and an open door to their bosses' offices -- the implication being that they already have those things. They even turned into a sketch:

It's a crazy world that this saga has made it into official Congressional discussion, and could conceivably become the foundation for a new law. But here we are.