VIDEO: Dave Martinez Has to Be Physically Restrained After Ejection

Liam McKeone
World Series - Houston Astros v Washington Nationals - Game Five
World Series - Houston Astros v Washington Nationals - Game Five / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Game 6 of the World Series has been filled with some unusual drama for baseball. First, there was the Alex Bregman bat carry after a home run. Then what we believe to be the first-ever retaliatory bat-carry by Juan Soto after he homered to give the Nats the lead. Then one of the most controversial calls in recent history occurred where the umpire called runner interference in what we thought to be a series-altering play. THEN Anthony Rendon smashed a two-run homer directly after the call, proving to many ball don't lie.

Dave Martinez decided to have a word with the umpires after said controversial call. Many words, and loudly, too. They did not appreciate what he had to say and ejected him. He had to be physically restrained after the ejection and came awfully close to making contact, which would have been an automatic one-game suspension. As in, a one-game suspension for a potential Game 7.

Playoff baseball, baby. Nothing like it.