Dave Gettleman Had a Good Reason to Wear His Mask When It Appeared He Was Home Alone

Stephen Douglas
NFL Combine - Day 2
NFL Combine - Day 2 / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The NFL is taking COVID-19 very seriously during the 2020 NFL Draft, as they should. New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman confused some viewers by appearing to take things even more seriously when he put on his mask in an empty room after the Giants picked Andrew Thomas with their No. 4 overall pick. Gettleman put on his mask because he had chemotherapy treatments as recently as 2018 to battle lymphoma, which is now in remission.

The Giants have an IT person on site to work with Gettleman. If you didn't know any of that, it looks over the top, so the reactions are understandable. What's important is that Gettleman and everyone else stay safe.