Dave Gettleman Has Done Studies, Doesn't Want to Talk About Giants' Postseason Chances

Stephen Douglas
Dave Gettleman at the NFL Draft Combine.
Dave Gettleman at the NFL Draft Combine. / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Dave Gettleman is about to enter this second season as general manager of the New York Giants. So far he's traded Odell Beckham Jr., drafted Daniel Jones, and hired a special teams coordinator to be head coach. While those moves might look pretty good in a couple years, right now you can still openly question them. Just don't ask about the future because Gettleman doesn't have to answer your questions and he knows it. Via Peter King's Football Morning in America:

"Reporter: “Do you envision this team should contend for a playoff spot in 2020?” Gettleman: “I’m not even going there. Not even going there. Because I’m not. How’s that? I’ve done studies. I don’t have to answer every question you ask.”"

Has he done studies on answering questions and found out he doesn't have to? Or has he done studies on how the Giants are going to do in 2020 and doesn't want to talk about it? Either way, he gives some very enjoyable quotes.

In addition to the moves mentioned above, he has also hired "computer folks" and admitted he has a "thick rhino hide." So even if the truths that the studies revealed are things he didn't like, he can handle it.