Are People Really Telling Dave Gettleman The Giants Are The Best Bad Team Ever?

Stephen Douglas
NFL Combine - Day 2
NFL Combine - Day 2 / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The New York Giants had a 14-3 lead over the hapless Philadelphia Eagles at halftime on Sunday. At some point during the broadcast, the announcers shared a nugget they got from embattled Giants general manager Dave Gettleman in which he claimed he had been told the Giants are the "best 2-7 team they've ever seen." Multiple people are apparently saying this. It seems they will not stop telling him.

This has a real "Sir" feel to it, but I feel like people might be saying this to make him feel better about how bad the Giants are. Or maybe Gettleman shared this with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Are the New York Giants actually the best 2-7 team in NFL history? I guess if you really think about it, you need a hobby because who cares? Will whoever "wins" the NFC East be the best five or six-win team to ever make the playoffs? Yes because we've never before been asked to consider such a thing.

Whatever the truth is behind this anecdote, the Giants are still in the playoff hunt and there are plenty of opportunities for people to tell those associated with the Giants that they are the best team to ever have such a bad record for at least two more months.