Dave Gettleman Diagnoses Himself With a Case of 'Thick, Rhino Hide'

Liam McKeone
Dave Gettleman and his Rhino hide
Dave Gettleman and his Rhino hide / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Say what you might about how good he is at his actual job, Dave Gettleman knows how to give a soundbite. Earlier this offseason he talked about how the Giants hired "computer folks" to help with analytics. Now, he's comparing his skin to that of a freaking rhinoceros.

Having "thick, Rhino hide" should probably be a prerequisite for taking any sort of job with a New York sports team that exposes you to the media. They're vicious around here.

Giants fans hope Gettleman's Rhino skin prevents him from giving Leonard Williams whatever he wants. Williams is a fine defender, but Gettleman's trade for the former No. 6 overall pick confused just about everyone. Gettleman isn't afraid to shy away from his mistakes, as we can see. But the question around Williams is if he views the trade as a mistake, and that's no sure thing.