Dave Chappelle Joins Foo Fighters to Cover Radiohead's 'Creep' at Packed Madison Square Garden

The Foo Fighters Reopen Madison Square Garden
The Foo Fighters Reopen Madison Square Garden / Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Foo Fighters played to a capacity crowd at Madison Square Garden last night, the first mega concert in New York City since the dawn of the pandemic last March. It was another undeniable data point proving that in times like these, we've learned to live again. Dave Grohl & Co. sent that message from the outset, belting out that particular anthem to a crowd so thirsty for live music and normalcy that it became less a sing-a-long and more communal catharsis.

As good and pure as that moment was, though, it won't go down as the scene-stealer as that honor belongs to the manifestation of a very particular dream we've all had: Dave Chappelle climbing on stage with the Fighters to cover Radiohead's Creep.

It was everything you'd want.

This past year-plus has been hellacious in so many heavy ways. That crush has obstructed full vision of all that's been missing. Something about seeing a packed house give in completely to the moment via a shaky fan-recorded video deeply soothes a corner of the collective soul too long neglected. The spectacle of tens of thousands of New Yorkers gathering in aspirating proximity is made even more unusual by the presence of Chappelle, a one-of-one entertainer known for everything but his angelic singing voice.

And yet it's his gravely, uneven prose that finds its way through 15 months of hibernation, unlocking something we hardly noticed was locked away.

So freaking special.